I help businesses 
to achieve oceans of opportunities for their
ethical brands



that are as unique as your sustainable business values


Budget-friendly marketing & photography services for
ethical and environmentally responsible businesses  


How I can help



Why not enjoy the freedom of 
only paying for marketing

when you need it
without the expense of
a full-time staff

Unique marketing services


Still not sure where to start? 

It's really simple


Maybe you need photos for your socials or website?

Or you want to pass on to someone the daily stress of Social Media Management?

Perhaps you need help with a one-off campaign? Or maybe your website needs a refresh.

Whatever it is, just tell me your goals & vision 
and I will do my best to showcase the true beauty
and values of your brand in a consistent & compelling message that resonates with your
target audience & goals.

I totally get it. Which is why Unique Marketing consultation
is here to help create content that converts and builds long-lasting relationships.



So, you kinda have an idea what SUCCESS for your brand looks like, but something else keeps creeping up?

It's time to create something unique helping you to achieve consistent brand growth. Based on your vision, goals & budget we can hatch a Social Media strategy that can be as simple as a few weekly posts or as complicated as a multi-channel digital advertising campaign.



Need help withNAVIGATION
through the jungle of tweets, likes, keywords, clicks, hashtags and SEO?

Creating a valuable content that builds brand awareness and lasting connections can be time-consuming and tricky. News, posts, new brochure, website update, e-newlsetter or just a new strapline..., with a bit of TLC we can maximise engagement & encourage conversions. I love coming up with customised creative content.


Dreaming of creating incredible CONTENT that oozes with engagement? 



  • on-location photoshoots
  • events & launches
  • product photography
  • on-brand flatlays
  • corporate headshots & portraits
  • family portraits
  • lifestyle images
  • destinations
  • ... and more

Or is your website in a desperate need of a refresh? Do SEO rankings give you a heading? Does it feel like you are constantly feeding that social monster in expensive ads and campaigns with not that big a difference to your site traffic? Whatever it is, together we probably can fix it. 


Are you starting a business and  you need a whole new website from scratch?
Set-up or increasing your Brand Visibility. Your brand identity from font selection
 through the logo to a positioning strategy.


Did you know that your business is more likely to fail if you don't develop your brand identity?
Flyers, Brochures, logo, social media templates or business cards. You name it, we can most probably create it. 


I cannot wait to start creating
on-brand material true to your company brand values for consistency and alignment. 

Completely Bespoke Services

Creating a  valuable content that builds brand awareness is time-consuming.
Maybe you need help just for a couple of hours, or you have a project in mind for a week or a day. Whatever it is, drop us a line so that we can come up with the best fit.

Hi, I'm Alexandra

I would love to help you grow, invigorate or transform your brand to become as unique as it deserves


Storyteller ...

through delivering engaging

marketing & photographic content 


I help small business owners with ethical, social and environmentally responsible vision grow and build unique brands they deserve.


Building on my 15+ years of developing my marketing, branding & photography skills, I am excited about spreading the right marketing content that engages with customers, connects and get's you noticed. I am someone who is all for sharing - internally and externally - the stories that are about more than just conversions; stories that address the pain points of the clients, but also educate, and get you remembered. 

I believe that good marketing is not about beating the competition but about creating your own market space where the completion is irrelevant.




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