5 SM Engagement Hacks to boost your productivity and viewers experience

So, we all know we spend on social media probably way more time that we should. Watching the Social Dilema on Netflix only confirms it. Yet, we cannot do our jobs well without it.

One of the greatest tools to optimise your time spent on SM is making the most of your Facebook Business Manager. However, for this post I'm going to assume you are fully set up in that department and only need to operate faster on your phone when when we are out-and-about.

I get it. Finding the right balance is hard. We can't have it both ways.

I truly believe the balance that we seek is out there and thankfully, it's again our phones that are making our lives easier. That way, we can spend more time with creating that new content, being with friends and family, enjoying that well-deserved self-indulging 'me' moment and much more.

Here are some elementary SM ways I practice so that I spend less time on it (understand SM), am more efficient and yet the user experience is not affected.


The newly-introduced Instagram feature - GUIDES is a great way to share with your existing and potential followers recommendations, tips, resources, how-to guides and other content that you deem important to your target audience.

These are accessed from a dedicated 'GUIDES' tab on your profile.

I highly recommend creating a number of guides answering some of the common questions or enquiries you get asked.

Alternatively, Guides are a great tool to showcase your work (e.g. if you are an artist, photographer, designer ...) or your how-to tutorials etc.

Then, when you get that 100th same question, you can just share a link to the desired Guide instead of writing a lengthy reply.


One of the most common mistakes I see on SM is leaving your viewer hanging when it comes to your IG bio.

We all know we need to end the caption with some CTA. But don't just say ... click on a link in my bio.

For a viewer, that's actually a lot of work. Some scrolling, a click, more scrolling, another click ... argh!

Yet the solution is so simple, just add your @name straight after the CTA so that the view can quickly follow you to that link, e.g. Click on a link in my bio @uniquemarketingphotography.



Typing replies to your DMs can be very time-consuming.

Instead, why not pre-record 2 or 3 key short video messages that introduce you as a brand, what you do and how your services can help.

These Video messages can be then sent to your potential clients instead of a traditional text message.

We all like video. It creates instant connection, if done well, it engages with your viewer on a much more personal level as it adds a feeling of one-on-one relationship. Oh yeah, ... And it's a lot more fun.


Quick Replies are an absolute time-saver especially for those who get hundreds of comments or DMs on their posts.

By creating 'Quick Reply' Shortcuts on your Insta Settings menu you can cut your time on IG in half (or more).

Then, instead of typing: "Thank you so much for your interest. I will be emailing your shortly with my portfolio and a price guide. Have a nice day, XYZ."

You can select a shortcut e.g. Email1, type that in your reply, select the text in your DM or reply comment and Bob's your uncle.

A 2-minute job done in less than 3 seconds. Wicked!


Very similar to the aforementioned 'Quick Reply' function, the TEXT SHORTCUTS are very much a godsend.

Set up on your phone in Settings (look for your keyboard or text options) they can be used across all the media you use on your phone as well as text messages or your emails.

You can have as many text shortcuts as you remember. For your desired text that you most often use, you can then just simply key in your shortcut combination, select and your answer is instantly there.

It's amazing for your hashtags lists (yeah! That's right! 30 Hashtags typed in potentially 2 keys e.g. #1, or Hash1. Up to you, really.) Nobody is saying you need only 1 hashtag list either. (That's right! Have 10 lists, if you wish.) Although, I do think each phone has a maximum limit for the number of shortcuts you can set.

Also great for your most used CTAs, captions or comments.

Oh, ... and you are welcome.

So there, these are some of my basic time-saving hacks for Social Media. I have loads more but these will do for now.

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Have a great one.

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