Be yourself! Be Unique!

Welcome, to Unique Marketing & Photography where all our services are as unique as your needs.

I'm Alexandra - the creative that makes marketing & photography all about YOU. Because they both should be as 'younique' as your brand.

It won't surprise you that this blog is long overdue.

While I have been incredibly lucky with my first clients, they have also kept me rather pre-occupied ever since I started my business back in late September 2020.

Slowly, I'm learning to manage my time better and be more efficient so that once all the work is done, the dinner is cooked and devoured, the kids are in bed (not asleep just yet), and my hubby is busy playing Starwars Citizen (or something like that), I can sneakily steal a few minutes here and there to focus on building my business too.

That's the best & most fun part.

I can actually do what I always wanted to do.

As a passionate creative content creator, writing regular blogs about various issues related to tailored marketing services & affordable photography, is actually something I have long been looking forward to.


I just want to make marketing simple for you, because I know how overwhelming it can be.

You can be assured that I will aim to provide valuable marketing information and tips gathered from over 15 years of working in the industry.

So stay tuned if you don’t know where to start, want to learn more about budget-friendly marketing or need guidance so that your business can shine, thrive and be unique.

In the meantime, if you have a destination, product or service that we can market together, or that you would like a new content created for, please get in touch.

I am always available for bookings to help you be unique.

So, are you ready to create something uniquely unforgettable?

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