Are you missing this critical component for great engagement?

For better conversions, lower bounces and higher interaction, your story needs to start with a great WHY, aka, the hook.

A hook that captures the readers' attention by playing with their emotions & triggering the right wires that connect to their problem. A hook that rings a bell in such a way, that they instantly think: "Ooh, I know this, this is my issue, too."

Generally, there are 3types of hooks that you can use in your titles or captions:

One that taps into the recipient's Feelings - Wishful thinking on future goals:

  • Want to improve your Instagram engagement?

  • Do you wish you could start taking better photos with that “WOW” factor?

  • Are you tired of your full-looking skin?

  • Do you wish marketing wasn't that expensive?

One that helps with Overcoming pain - Think about the pain points the reader goes through:

  • Are you tired of wasting your time on ...?

  • Frustrated with your Facebook ads not getting the results you wanted?

  • Does your existing website rank low on online searches?

One that gives a Convincing statement or proven logic - Do X to do Y! With X you improve Y:

  • Did you know that having a blog on your website increases your chances of higher ranking by 434%?

  • 7 easy ways to boost your organic reach

  • Watch this video to learn how to set up your Facebook for Business

  • More than 97% of skincare contains this toxic ingredient. ...

  • Bulletproof guide to setting up marketing strategies that work ...

TIP: Try and combine at least 2 different types of hooks in your title, heading, subheading or caption clearly saying WHY your product or solution is a must-have. This way you up your chances of relating to at least 2 groups of audiences out there.


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So there you have it.

I hope you found these helpful, but definitely stay tuned as I will continue to explore the topic of creative content creation even further.

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