Well, 2021 is in a full swing and I've been personally tied up for over two weeks in planning, mapping out, researching and creating unique content for clients.

New year is for most companies practically akin with planning out and creating new content for the year ahead.

But before you hop on the 2021-new-content-creation-train, I bet you haven't asked yourself these 5 questions that I believe are critical to your success.

Whether it's new sales collateral, weekly blogs, EDMs, press releases, online ads, product releases, SM posts or updating the website, unique content creation can be a daunting task.

But, it doesn't have to be.

What I find useful when creating new content on whatever topic, is to take it in paces.

Before I start creating new digital content, I find these to be critical to successful great content creation.

We all need content. Stats show it’s critical for organic growth. But!

Message over-saturation is huge.

We live in a time when we are bombarded by up to 6000 messages a day. Every 60 second one hour of content gets uploaded to youtube. More than 3.3 million posts are uploaded to Facebook every minute as are more than 41 000 photos are uploaded to Instagram. not surprisingly, we perform more than 4million searches on Google in less than 1minute.

To get through these cannonballs of information, brands are more successful when they truly engage with their ideal customer.

Simply put, when they think of their consumer first. Their ideal consumer.

Not about the competition! Not about outperforming so&so in quarterly market share. Not about outselling yet another brand in a new target segment.

When they think not about the sales but about the exciting journey of transforming the lives of their desired audience. When they don’t just blow their own trumpet but show how they can solve their consumers' needs & changing their lives for the better.

It's not as difficult as it sounds.

The key is to stop copying what the assumed competitors are doing.

I believe the best is to stop researching on the competitors' website and sifting through their collateral or product portfolio; to stop copying the ads the competition is running, or the brochures they have created or blogs they posted.

The key is to go deep in your desired customer persona and think what would help them.

What I always do when approaching the task of new content creation for a client, I ask myself these questions:

  1. What are the best ways to engage with MY desired audience?

  2. What are the best ways to acquire new customers in my field?

  3. What makes us unique? Which features, benefits and advantages will help to solve their biggest pain-points & how?

  4. Why should they do business with us & how can I exceed their expectations?

  5. Is this the best way how to maximise organic reach? How to best harness to reaching to my ideal fans out there?

Answering these five questions usually gives me enough material for several months if not longer, for creating unique content across several platforms above & below the line.

I hope you found these helpful, but definitely stay tuned as I will be exploring the topic of creative content creation over the next few weeks.

And remember these takeaways:

  1. Every brand needs new content to grow and to reach your customers, but when you create something new - think of your ideal audience first and think of them as your biggest fans

  2. Don't copy what was already created by your competitors. Think you. Think unique.

  3. When in doubt, ask yourself the above 5 questions to get you started and to get your creative juices flowing.

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