In my previous posts, I talked about the creative process I take when approached with the sometimes intimidating task of creating new content for a client.

The planning process of creating unique content is only the very first step.

You may be asking, what is next? What do I do with all the information next?

I think I know who my (brand's) ideal consumer is and how to talk to him.

I think I know what they want to hear from me (the brand).

I think I know how I can reach him and more similarly-minded people.

I think I know (the client) how much I want to spend (if anything)

And most importantly, I think I know what are the most unique ways to showcase our uniqueness, our best features, our best ways to help our desired customers in solving their problems.

Well, the next step in your content strategy is breaking all that information into digestible chunks.

Think of your marketing content as a story with a beginning and an end.

A story that unravels slowly over weeks, months, even years.

A story that is real, genuine, tells all the essential ins & outs of your business (or your brand) & your products & services that your fans want to know so that they love you even more.

A story that is unravels around the FAB topics!

F - Features

A - Advantages

B - Benefits

Story that focuses on all the new ways the unique features, advantages and benefits your product or service can help with.

Story that makes your fans aware of your new improvements & benefits, it engages with them & shows true unique value, slowly creates the need & stimulates the desire for conversion.

Think of that desired conversion as a butterfly.

A butterfly's transformation is a long, slow and meticulous process. A process at the end of which a beautiful butterfly is released, making friends and spreading joy and happiness to everybody it encounters. That butterfly is the result of your content being spread through very effective word-of-mouth, recommendations and shares captivating other audience members by their uniqueness & helpfulness.

In other words, create that butterfly and show them why they must be following it, i.e. what they are missing by not doing business with you.

You can do this in several ways. There is not one more effective way than the other, but together they can make your marketing strategy all the more effective. Together they can help to deliver the right message to every single desired fan (think consumer who spends a lot of money with you, loves you, recommends you and comes back no matter what) of yours.


Split your ideas for a content with these 5Ws:

1. The what - try and break your content visually across several channels (videos, story, reels, online ad, magazine ad, outdoor media, posts, blogs, press releases, case study, before&after testimonials etc.). That way, you can budget and plan what subcontractors need to be hired and when, e.g. if you need a specialist photographer to create images of your processes, or storyline videographer capturing the problem-solving process, or if you need to get permission of a client for documenting the before & after.

At this stage you should also think of the keywords, trends and market predictions that are relevant to your desired audience.

2. The Why - this one is one of the hardest tasks as you need to put yourself in the shoes of a customer, and not think as you, the business. Why should anyone be interested? What are the benefits? How will it help? And how can I best capture it? (hint. got back to step 1.)

3. The When - pretty straightforward task - map out in your content calendar the frequency, i.e. how often and when are you going to roll each new content out. E.g. does it need to coincide with a new product launch, does there need to be an awareness campaign to explain a certain advantage & benefit? Again, think of your content as a story. Jumping from one topic to another can confuse your fans. It's best to take them on a seamless journey with a beginning, middle and end.

4 & 5. The Where & whom - in other words, think of the reach, i.e. who is your audience, the extended community, where is your new audience and how can you tap into that? Think of what new collaborations, events, promotions, brand ambassadors, tags, mentions & even hashtags would be best to improve your reach.

Together these 5 steps always help me to strategise most effectively whatever task I'm faced with.

But above all, don't forget that your marketing content strategy is an ever-evolving butterfly. Nothing is ever set in stone.

It constantly needs to be nurtured, cared for & refined. But if you are patient enough and passionate about the cause, the released butterfly will be exquisite.

I hope you found these helpful, but definitely stay tuned as I will continue to explore the topic of creative content creation even further.

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